Rethink: Circular is led by Ali Fenn and a team of advisors from both the public and private sector, with an emphasis on ecosystem-level innovation and sustainability.  

Ali has has helped to launch 12 startups, raised over $1 billion for technology companies, and led numerous new business initiatives and global market development at F500 companies.  She has led deal making in China, built teams in India, and orchestrated ecosystem development in Europe.  She has been an entrepreneur, an employee, a consultant, a manager, and brings leadership experience across business development, product management, sales, and marketing.  

Ali's diverse experience, her economics training, and recent graduate studies in policy, serve as the platform from which Rethink: Circular is born.  Her development of technology business models, including software-as-a-service, informs the transformation to the circular economy in the world of physical goods.  She also ran a custom denim brand and witnessed first hand the wasted, new textiles that got returned and subsequently shipped via charity to Africa.  She led new market development and advanced initiatives for the #2 digital storage manufacturer in the world - seeing 1M+ hard drives shipped and scrapped every quarter.  Ali knows efficiency and waste, and cares deeply about bringing the former to bear to eliminate the latter.

A strategist, an economist, an ocean lover, and an advocate for economic and social justice, Ali has decided to dedicate her "second half" to driving the corporate transformation necessary to ensuring continued and actualized societal prosperity. 

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