Efficient resource use, capture and value creation; zero waste.

Business and job creation catalysts, product-as-a-service consumption models.

Tech- and design-enabled access to secondary and incremental markets.

Re-emergence of middle class jobs and opportunity.

This is the opportunity of the CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

Linear business models; take, make, waste.

Credit-fueled, unit-driven overconsumption; environmental plundering.

Short-term, top-line, shareholder value above all.

Free market cannibalization of equality and democracy. 

These are the challenges we face.

Mission & Work

We strive to challenge and define business models, develop ecosystem strategies, map and quantify paths to long-term value creation in select industries, incorporate modern economic assumptions, and influence the policy essential to financial inclusion for many.  With this knowledge, Rethink: Circular will participate in and help to lead the global adoption of circular economy principles and enable business and consumers alike to prosper, while also bolstering the strength and sustainability of our planet.  

Our services include strategy consulting for early business model architecture, go to market advisory, and hands on execution of business and ecosystem development.


Rethink: Circular is led by Ali Fenn, a 20-year veteran of the Silicon Valley tech industry.  Ali has extensive global experience across strategy, business, market development, and consulting in both the software and hardware tech segments, as well as in consumer products and finance.  She is a Yale-educated economist, passionate about being and driving the change she sees as so essential to the world we live in - a world that values all people, the planet, and long-term prosperity over short-term financial gains at the exclusion of key stakeholders.